Rookies of '79 and friends

News: Zo CBD Partners with Rookies of '79

The Rookies of '79 is proud to announce a multi-year agreement with Zo CBD.

Zo CBD has signed a two year agreement to provide funding to the charity to be put towards the charity's mission of providing funds to injured flat track athletes through fundraising efforts at AFT events and select regional flat track events. It is at these events that the great majority of charity's money is raised through sales and raffles through the amazing generosity of the fans of the sport of flat track. Everyone associated with the charity is pleased with the support provided by Zo CBD.

Tim Estenson, a board member of the Rookies of '79 charity, shakes hands with Frank Kirby of Zo CBD while receiving the donation check for 2022, with Pat Farley at left, CEO of Zo CBD, in attendance at the check presentation.

Zo CBD is produced by Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC a division of Enso Discoveries, a respected biotech company well known for high science and university validated products. With the help of many physicians' input, the ZO CBD line of products was created. Zo CBD products are produced entirely within the company, from seed planting to processing to the final product received by their loyal customers.

If you or your physician feel that it is appropriate to utilize CBD products, Zo CBD may be worthy of your consideration. Check out their website at .

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As an FYI, several members of the Rookies of '79 use Zo CBD products.