Rookies of '79 and friends

News: Rookies of '79 Welcomes Partner Sea Foam To the 2022 Season

The Rookies of '79 is proud to announce that Sea Foam Products has joined our corporate support team for the 2022 season.

Sea Foam has provided a generous donation to help the charity with the costs associated with traveling to all American Flat Track events in 2022. 

"Sea Foam is honored to be a partner with Rookies of '79. As a company built on Christian-based values, Sea Foam Products give engines second chances, and we believe a portion of our profits can give people second chances in life in many ways," said Brad Benson, Regional Sales Manager. "The assistance Rookies of '79 provides to racers and families when they face minor to life changing  injuries, or rarely but unfortunately life ending injuries,  is so graciously appreciated."

Rookies of '79 has been raising funds and helping injured athletes since 1979. Charlie Roberts, a founder of Rookies of '79, commented about Sea Foam "I and the board of the charity very much appreciate bringing Mr. Benson and Sea Foam aboard as a corporate sponsor for 2022. Their company is such an inspiration, donating a part of their profits each year to charity. We are honored to be among the charities that they have elected to partner with this year."

"So Thank You Rookies of '79 for this opportunity to be a part of your blessed and most needed assistance to our racers and families in unfortunate times," continued Brad Benson. "Your long term, consistent support of our flat track family does not go unnoticed. God Bless."

About Sea Foam Products. Trusted by mechanics since 1942, the Sea Foam Sales Company was born with a focus on safe and effective products that help engines and equipment run cleaner and last longer.

The Sea Foam story began in the 1930s, when Fred Fandrei, a salesman in the petroleum industry, wanted to spend more time fishing than fixing his outboard motor because of fuel-related problems. With the goal of finding the perfect petroleum blend, Fred created a formula that would stop fuel from going bad and help his motor run better. The formula became quite popular among his fishing friends. He began selling it to local fishermen in beer bottles and quart jars, naming the formula “Sea Foam” after a friend in Florida called and asked for some of that “Sea Foam stuff.”

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is now one of the best-selling automotive additives in North America. Sea Foam products have attracted a passionate following as the proven choice for mechanics, vehicle enthusiasts, and all sorts of people who love or depend on engines. We’ve grown since our humble beginnings, but our focus is still the same: safe products that are proven to work and keep engines and equipment running their best.

For more information about the Sea Foam family of products, please visit their website at or find a store that sells Sea Foam near you.

Members of the Rookies of '79 board use Sea Foam products and swear by them. "It is the only product i've found that keeps pump gas fresh," said Michael Marsh. "I use Sea Foam Motor Treatment in everything."