Rookies of '79 and friends

Event Report

Peoria, IL 08/21/2021

Event details: AFT TT Race at Peoria and Pre-Event Gathering at Country Saloon

Funds raised: $22,477

Special fundraiser comments: While we experienced positive growth in merchandise sales and donations once again this month, for which Charlie Roberts and the entire board thanks every flat track fan and supporter of the charity, there is another side of the coin!

The injuries that have occurred in the last 30 days have resulted in us providing injured racers with $34,105. We are waiting on 2 more AFT Singles riders to submit Injury Assistance Request forms, which will bring the month's total benefits paid out to over $40,000. With the amateur and semi-pro events at Peoria this weekend, and a ST at Pekin, we have to hope and pray that our professional and amateur riders make it through the rest of 2021 injury free!

We hope you will be joining us in Springfield for 3 days of amazing racing. This is our largest fundraising weekend of the year, and with all of the injuries this year we need YOUR HELP to refill the injury assistance coffers.