Michael Marsh


Mr. Marsh began racing in 1972 and found his love of flat track in 1974 in Montana. From Billings, a small town with 3 national numbers and many high ranked Experts and Juniors, Michael progressed in a highly competitive flat track racing environment. He won the Sturgis Rally short track in both 1976 and 1977 and was looking forward to turning pro. He raced through college (Architecture and Business Management concurrent majors) while also working as an insurance adjuster and at the family Yamaha dealership Billings Cycle Center. His pro flat track career was cut short by a fall in 1982 (broken back). Michael then spent 15 years in California in the insurance claims industry and racing his go-kart. When he moved back to Montana, he began racing flat track again, this time as one of the ‘old guys’. Unfortunately, he had an on track incident in 2005 on his favorite track, the Sturgis short track, resulting in a broken neck, multiple mid-body fractures and a TBI. That occurrence led Michael convert his life to one of give back. Through his company Recreational Action Sports Entertainment (“RASE”…pronounced like race), he sponsored young flat track athletes all across the country. Several of Michael’s supported RASE team members were severely injured, and one was lost in a tragic incident in CA. The amazing support provided by the charity to these young athletes led him to become involved in the Rookies of ’79 charity as an infrastructure sponsor and in 2021 as a Board member. He is also the founder of RASE Safety Assistance, Inc., a 501(c)(3) that provides funding for flat track athletes to obtain the best safety equipment possible BEFORE incidents take place.